Airpaka Fiber

The natural properties of the alpaca fiber is what gives the Airpaka garments their unique and unrivaled thermal qualities.

Alpacas have a coat that consists of hollow hair fibers. The air inside the fibers creates an extra level of insulation that is regulated by the body temperature. Trapping body heat inside the fiber keeps the animal cool during summer and warm in the winter, regardless of rain or snow, and it dries extremely fast. Airpaka will do the same for you. Come rain or come shine.

ln the Andes, you can have all four seasons in just one day. Alpacas natural habitat lie high up in the Andean summits where they face daily temperature variations of up to 35°C.

Alpacas would not be able to live at altitudes as high as 5000 meters above sea level if it were not for their unique fibers. Neither sun, wind, rain nor snow is a problem for them.